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Leonie Mott


Our Story

How our Carpet Cleaning Business
In Cape Town Started

What inspired us to start a carpet cleaning business was a close friend who introduced us to it. He suggested that maybe we should give it a go. And that's what we did since December of 1980. We took the little money we had and started a carpet cleaning business with a two 25-litre empty paint drums. We managed to buy a motor, which we placed onto a round waterproof board, which went on top of the drum. This was our own makeshift vacuum cleaner.

Next we had to buy a pump. We would have a bucket of water with the pipe of the pump submerged into the clean water solution. Our operators dragged the bucket backward and forward and from one side to other side as they cleaned. That was how we operated for 5 years.

Then one day, while cleaning the carpet at a client's house, we saw someone standing on a steam cleaning machine. Asked what he was going to do with it, the man said that we could have it for R20. That's how we terminated our paint drum machine and upgraded to a more professional steam cleaning machine. From then on the business moved forward. A cleaning business is not solely based on how big the company is or how big the equipment are. Experience plays a major role. One can have state-of-the-art equipment but may lack the skills to offer a good quality job.

There is no owner's manual for our carpet and upholstery steam cleaning operation. We readily face and tackle the problem head on. We are highly skilled in carpet and upholstery cleaning. There is no carpet cleaning job that we cannot handle. No carpet cleaning is too big or too small for Turbo Kleen in Cape Town.

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